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Car detailing is a skill, but if you invest in the right products, it’s relatively straightforward. One of the most important products to get your hands on is a high-quality microfibre towel, as it helps to make your life so much easier. But you still need to know how to use it correctly. Helpfully, we’ve got you covered as we explain the right way to use our car drying towel products to help you achieve the finish that you desire for your car’s exterior.

Why use a microfibre drying towel? 

The towel that you choose to dry your car with makes a huge difference, as some can have a negative impact on your paintwork. Our MF2 zero-scratch microfibre towel has been designed to be as kind as possible to your car’s body while absorbing as much water as possible. Anyone who has any experience with car detailing will know that one of the biggest causes of gloss drop-off on paintwork is due to poor technique and the use of sub-standard products. So, investing in a zero-scratch microfibre towel is half of the battle. But how do you use it for the best possible results?


How to use a car drying towel correctly 

It always makes sense to begin with the highest surface on your vehicle, so it’s a good idea to get the stool or ladders out to reach your car’s roof. You can then start wiping away the water with our clean and dry microfibre towel. In terms of technique, opt for long, sweeping motions, as this enables you to absorb as much water as possible. Between wipes, you will need to wring out the microfibre towel to remove excess water, as it will get heavy as you work your way across the surface of your vehicle. 

Car drying tips

The key thing to remember about cleaning your car is that you need to use the right tools, and our microfibre towel is ideal. The following tips will also help you achieve a stunning finish when drying your car with the right towel: 

  • Keep your car out of direct sunlight when drying it, as the sun dries water rapidly, which can lead to water spots and marks. 
  • Have more than one towel at hand, as the towel will collect debris and minerals left behind by the water. 
  • Never use a microfibre towel after dropping it on the ground, as this is a surefire way to scratch the surface of your car! 
  • Consider investing in a quick detailer to help with some of the stubborn water spots that might be left behind after you’re finished drying your car with a towel. 

Recap: Using a car drying towel correctly 

The main takeaway from this article is that you need to invest in a scratch-free microfibre towel to dry your car efficiently and safely. Poor-quality towels – and those that are not designed to be used on cars – can cause more damage than they’re worth. So, if you have a high-quality towel at hand, you can follow the steps and tips introduced above to detail your car like a pro. 

Be sure to check out our car cleaning accessories to help you achieve the best possible finish when cleaning your car this year.