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A key component of any bike cleaning kit is our Tri-Clean bike cleaning solution. It kills 99.99% of bacteria and is perfect for sanitising trainers and helmets. It also boasts an odour neutraliser, eliminating bad smells from dirty equipment. We developed Tri-Clean in conjunction with BioCote – a global leader in antibacterial technology, ensuring that you have the perfect surface cleaner for your cycling equipment. 

Our Tri-Clean is an important part of any bike protection kit, recognising that it’s just as important to clean your equipment as it is to keep your frame and tyres in great shape. It’s exceptionally easy to use, and as a multi-surface cleaner, it’s the ideal solution for all of your bike equipment and accessories. When you’ve finished a ride, simply grab your cleaner and give your equipment a once-over – it’s as simple as that. 

Discover our Tri-Clean solution today and add it to your bike cleaning kit. After all, it’s not only your bike that requires cleaning and maintenance, and clean equipment is just as important to all riders.