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At Gtechniq, we specialise in providing ceramic coatings for bikes, cars, and marine applications. Our ceramic bike coating is the perfect solution for the long-term maintenance and protection of your ride. Once applied, it provides extreme dirt repellency thanks to a long-lasting chemically bonded coating, offering you up to 24 months of protection while riding your bike. 

Our ceramic Bike coating forms a durable, ultra-slick layer of optically clear ceramic, which prevents dirt and grime from accumulating on the frame of your bike. As a result, it makes it extremely easy for you to clean and maintain your bike going forward, as you don’t need to worry about removing a stubborn layer of grime before proceeding with bike cleaning. 

Ultimately, our ceramic protection is an industry-leading, scientifically-backed solution for ensuring the long-term maintenance of your bicycle. It’s easy to apply and extremely durable, ensuring that your bike is super easy to clean and maintain going forward. If you’re serious about bike maintenance, our ceramic bike coating is the product for you.