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Rinse-On ceramic is hose-on ceramic sealant that is perfect for maintaining the exterior of your boat. The Marine ceramic coating provides a fast and simple way to protect the surface of your boat, with a simple rinse-on solution that can be applied to all of the gloss surfaces of your vessel. 

Once applied, Ceramic Marine sealant is optically clear and non-yellowing, boasting a UV-repelling coating that protects your boat from the sun’s dangerous rays. The sealant is extremely versatile and strong and provides your boat with additional strength and crucial protection from the elements. A single application of rinse-on ceramic lasts approximately three months and it can be used at every wash down. 

Our online store also consists of a rinse-on ceramic refill and a ceramic fast coat, which you can stock up on throughout the year. Browse our Marine sealant collection today to find the perfect product for easy boat maintenance to protect your boat from all weather conditions.