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Car maintenance products ensure you can keep your car in great shape, protecting it from the elements, dirt, and other debris. At Gtechniq, we have pioneered a number of scientifically backed car maintenance solutions and products, providing you with the best in-car protection and maintenance.

Our range includes our popular Ceramic GWash, which offers extreme dirt repellency for up to three months, thanks to its incredibly hydrophobic properties. We also have a range of multi-surface cleaners for the interior and exterior of your vehicle, ensuring that no stone is left unturned as far as car maintenance and cleaning are concerned. 

Browse our range of industry-leading car maintenance products today to equip yourself with the best possible solutions for protecting, cleaning and maintaining your vehicle. Whether you opt for a ceramic coating or maintenance line, Gtechniq has you and your vehicle covered, providing you with the latest and most innovative car protection products on the market.