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When cleaning and maintaining your vehicle it’s really important not to forget about your wheels and trims. At Gtechniq, we have developed a number of car wheel cleaning products that will help you achieve stunning results. The condition of your wheels and rims contributes to the overall look of your car, so it’s vital not to leave it up to chance. 

Our C4 Permanent Trim Restorer and C5 Wheel Armour are two of the most technologically advanced car wheel and trim coating solutions on the market, offering up to two years of durability and ensuring that the chemical bond formed is stain and contaminant resistant 

Given that cleaning car trims and wheels are of fundamental importance to the maintenance of your vehicle, it’s really important that you use technologically advanced products to get the job done. Discover our auto wheel trim range today to find the best products to keep your wheels in great shape throughout the year, increasing their durability and the overall aesthetic of your ride.