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Looking after your boat necessitates maintaining all of its surfaces and our Marine glass maintenance products make your job much easier. Our glass cleaner is a pure formula based on function and is an extremely powerful cleaning product that guarantees great performance over a long period of time. 

Our boat cleaners also include glass polish, glass & plexiglass coat, and a metal restoration polish, all of which contribute to the overall look of your boat’s exterior. When you include Gtechniq’s Marine glass maintenance products into your boat cleaning routine, you will be guaranteed exceptional results that keep your boat looking new in the long run. 

To achieve the best finish for your boat, it’s imperative that you invest in the best products and cleaners to help you get the job done. Gtechniq has you covered and our Marine glass, plexiglass, and metal ranges are all boat maintenance essentials for anyone serious about achieving a glowing exterior for their vessel.