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Our interior cleaner provides outstanding care and maintenance for the inside of your boat. Specifically, our Marine Interior Cleaner consists of a water-based degreaser and surfactant that will remove dirt and grease from any surface. It also consists of an additive that traps and absorbs odour causing substances, as well as an anti-bacterial agent that is dirt repellant. 

You can use our interior cleaner on any internal fabric, including leather, Alcantara, and man-made or natural fibres. Our Fabric Coat is the perfect solution for cleaning boat fabric, providing excellent protection against mould, mildew, bacteria, microbes, and everyday stains. You can also use it for re-weatherproofing sails, weather clothing, and awnings, highlighting its versatility. 

It’s not just the exterior of your boat that needs your attention, so don’t forget to pay special attention to your boat’s exterior. Discover our interior and fabric cleaners which are essential products for your boat maintenance and ensure that your vessel is in the best possible condition as you take to the water.