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Keeping your bike in great shape requires an investment in the best bike cleaner on the market. At Gtechniq, our bike clean solution consists of high-quality surfactants and natural citrus oils that combine to dissolve the toughest dirt and grime, offering you an outstanding cleaning solution for your ride. It’s extremely easy to use and is the ideal product to turn to for the perfect bike wash. 

Our bike degreaser is also a bike maintenance essential, featuring a water-based, highly-concentrated formula that is suitable for use in conjunction with chain cleaners. Crucially, our bike degreaser delivers powerful cleaning without degrading the core components of your bike, and contributes to the long-term maintenance of your chains, cassettes, and derailleurs.

By choosing Gtechniq’s industry-leading bike wash and decontamination products, you can keep your bike clean and in excellent condition with minimal fuss. All of our products are scientifically backed and have been developed to keep your bike in the best possible condition in the long run.