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When it comes to car interior cleaning, equipping yourself with the best products makes the world of difference. At Gtechniq, we have a number of multi-purpose, fabric, and leather cleaners and coatings that are perfect for providing car interior protection.

Our Tri-Clean kills 99.9% of bacteria and ensures that all of the interior surfaces of your car remain hygienic and fresh, reducing the number of microbes and eliminating odours. It’s extremely easy to use and is one of the best interior car cleaning products to breathe fresh life into the inside of your vehicle. 

We have leather and fabric coatings that offer excellent protection against abrasion, UV rays, and discolouration. Ultimately, you will find all of the interior car cleaning products that you need to freshen your car’s inside at Gtechniq, helping you take your car cleaning ritual to the next level. Discover our range of auto interior products today to transform the inside of your vehicle.