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Bike maintenance is imperative if you want to keep your ride performing at the best possible level. Our bike maintenance products are scientifically-backed to provide extreme dirt repellency and long-term protection. Central to our range is our Bike Ceramic, a product that forms a long-lasting chemically bonding coating to provide the ultimate bike protection. 

Our bike maintenance products also include a number of other sprays and coatings that are perfect for keeping your bike in great shape, with our Bike Clean, Bike Wash, and Drivetrain Degreasers all proving extremely popular. You can also purchase an entire bike maintenance kit from Gtechniq, covering all bases as far as your bike cleaning and maintenance procedures are concerned.  

We also stock a number of tools including microfibre cloths and mitts, to help you return your bike to its original condition. Ultimately, if you’re serious about bike protection, discover the best bike maintenance products from Gtechniq today, to restore your bike and to keep it in great condition as you enjoy rides throughout the year.