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Our Marine cleaning products range is extensive, incorporating many products that are perfect for improving the way that you maintain your boat. Our multi-stage Marine Polish, for instance, is a low-dusting, non-sling, composite polish that is made specifically for marine applications. Once applied, it quickly and effectively restores the glossy finish of any topcoat or gelcoat, restoring your boat to its optimal condition. 

What’s more, our UV boat wash is a popular cleaning product that works in perfect harmony with our Marine Coatings for the best possible protection against the elements. Our UV wash breaks the bond between the dirt film and your boat’s paintwork, providing exceptional results. 

You will also find an effective water spot remover and a Marine panel wipe as part of our Marine polish range, ensuring that you have everything you need to help your boat sparkle. So, no matter how often you take your boat out on the water, make sure you have the correct materials and marine cleaning products to bring back your boat’s sparkle.