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Ceramic sealants for cars are quick and easy to apply and provide up to three months durability, offering a super simple maintenance solution for all vehicle owners. Our ceramic sealant is non-hazardous, solvent-free, and provides outstanding durability, following a quick and easy application. Sealants provide a great option for car owners looking for products that are quickly and easily applied.

Our range also consists of a pioneering quick detailer, which works with all Gtechniq coatings to provide a flawless, streak-free glossy finish. It’s responsible for buffing away fingerprints, watermarks, and other smears that have been left behind during the washing process. As a spray-on product, it’s perfect for use on your car’s bodywork, wheels, and plastic.

Protecting your car with a ceramic sealant protects it from the elements and ensures that cleaning your vehicle is much more straightforward. Be sure to discover our full product range to discern the best auto ceramic sealants for your vehicle.