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Frequently Asked Questions

In the sections below we address some of the commonly asked questions – whether that be how to apply the product or maintain your show car finish.

About Gtechniq

We address the commonly asked question about our coatings. Whether you have paint or PPF, the Gtechniq range of ceramic coatings have you covered.

C4 Permanent Trim Restorer

Top tips to ensure you get the best finish when applying C4 Permanent Trim Restorer.

Crystal Serum Ultra

What is Crystal Serum Ultra, how does it differ from other coatings and how long will it last

EXO Ultra Durable

What is EXO, can it be applied over other coatings and how do you maintain it?

C1 Crystal Lacquer

Commonly asked question about C1 Crystal Lacquer, what is the best way to apply it and how do I maintain it?


What is HALO, what is the best way to apply it and how do I maintain it?

G1 Smart Glass

Frequently asked questions about the G1 ClearVision Glass including how to apply and maintain it.

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