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I Have Applied G1 To My Car Windows, But My Window Wipers Are Juddering Is This Supposed To Happen?

This is unusual but not unheard of. In 90% of cases the juddering window wipers will cease after a few weeks. But there are some things that often cure this. First is to ensure your blades are thoroughly cleaned, and if partly worn we would recommend they are changed. Another solution is to apply some G1 directly to the wiper blade without removing it with G2 Residue Remover. If the issue persists and you need to remove the coating you can either do this by using a machine polisher with a hard foam compounding pad using either G4 Nanotech Glass Polish or by hand using a “cerium oxide” based polish.

Do I Apply G1 ClearVision Smart Glass Only To The Front Windscreen?

G1 ClearVision can be applied to all windows. With a car we recommend starting on the front window screen removing residue, moving around the car coating each window and finally giving the front windscreen a second coat. Take a look at the G1 ClearVision Smart Glass application video here

How Do I Reapply G1?

Fresh G1 can be applied in the normal way over the top of an existing layer by simply preparing the glass using G6 Perfect Glass Cleaner, polishing using G4 Nonotech Glass Polish and then recleaning with G6.

How Long After Application Does The Coating Need To Keep Dry?

We recommend you allow this coating cure for 3 hours before you get it wet.

Will Glass Cleaners Or Screen Wash Chemicals Affect The Durability Of G1?

Neither will have any impact on G1’s durability.

How Do I Remove It?

G1 ClearVision can be removed either by machine using a regular rotary or dual action polisher, a hard foam pad and Gtechniq G4 Nanotech Glass Polish or by hand using a liquid cerium oxide based glass polish.

When My Wiper Blade Passes Over The Screen It Creates A Temporary Streak – Is This Normal?

All rain-repellent glass coatings cause this to a greater or lesser degree. Whilst G1 ClearVision doesn’t suffer too much from this issue, it can appear particularly when it is drizzling.

Can I Spot Repair The Coating By Reapplying Fresh Layers Over Old Layers?

Yes.  Just follow the same procedure you did when first applying by first using the G4 Nanotech Glass Polish and G6 Perfect Glass to prepare and then apply as normal.

G1 Or G5? Which Is Right For Me?

For cars, we always recommend G1 ClearVision.  The reason is that even though the G5 Water Repellent Coating is more hydrophobic, the durability of the G1 ClearVision makes it the better choice.  But if you are looking for a product to minimise water spotting on, for example, shower screens, marine glass or building windows, G5 Water Repellent Coating is the right choice as this application will deliver the very best water repellency.

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