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A ceramic spray sealant is an ideal product for bike maintenance, as it provides extreme dirt repellency and is really easy to apply. Once applied to the frame of your bike, our quick ceramic coat guarantees instant durable protection from mud, grime, and debris, and is good for up to six months of durability. 

Our bike sealant has been formulated using Si02 nanotechnology, which ensures that the surface of your bike is incredibly slick and dirt-repellent. The bond that results following application is what guarantees extreme durability and protection for your ride, and it makes it much more difficult for mud particles to stick to the frame of your bike. Therefore, it becomes much easier to clean and maintain your bike going forward. 

At Gtechniq, we have worked hard to create a range of products that excel when it comes to bike protection and our ceramic spray sealant is one of them. Learn more about our bike sealant and order the perfect product to protect your bike from the elements as you take to the road.