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Pinarello, the legendary Italian bicycle manufacturer renowned for its innovative design and technology with a race-winning pedigree, are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking technical partnership with Gtechniq Bike, the UK’s leading innovator in high-performance bike frame ceramic coatings and bike maintenance products.

The two brands are teaming up to push the boundaries of cycling performance and experience in the UK. But this isn’t just about making your two-wheeled steed the envy of the peloton. This partnership delves deep into the heart of what makes both brands tick: a relentless pursuit of technological advancement.

Pinarello’s carbon fibre technology and revolutionary aerodynamic designs ensure you slice through the air like a wind-kissed feather. Gtechniq Bike brings its nano-ceramic technology used by F1, World Rally and World Endurance race teams to the game, offering unparalleled protection against the elements and road grime. Together, they’re a match made in cycling heaven, where cutting-edge science meets Italian passion for perfection.

Richard Hemington, MD of Pinarello UK says; The Gtechniq bike protection products work perfectly for our discerning DOGMA customers whilst ensuring each owner can take good care of their bicycle using the Gtechniq products.  Rob Earle, MD of Gtechniq says; “As with Fausto Pinarellos’ objective to make the world’s best bikes, Gtechniq’s objective is to make the best surface care products. We are excited to have the full product range listed within the two Flagship stores and delighted at the prospect of every DOGMA MYWAY frame being coated in our industry-leading Bike Ceramic”.

This isn’t just a union of technology titans; it’s a celebration of the cycling community. Both Pinarello and Gtechniq are passionate about empowering riders of all levels to experience the joy and freedom of two wheels. Through this partnership, they aim to provide UK cyclists with access to the most cutting-edge tools and knowledge, unlocking their full potential and igniting a passion for cycling that burns brighter than a KOM badge. Get ready to witness the birth of a beautiful (and blisteringly fast) partnership. Pinarello and Gtechniq Bike are about to redefine the cycling landscape in the UK, one perfectly protected, aerodynamically sculpted pedal stroke at a time.

You can click here to watch the full video of Pinarello MD Richard Hemigton talking in-depth about the partnership.