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Washing your car is a satisfying feeling but what many people might not know is how beneficial detailing your car post-wash can be. Quick detailers are also the ideal product to use in between car washes to keep your paint looking showroom fresh.

Here we will look at what quick detailers can do for your vehicle and where you can find the very best products.

What is a quick detailer?

A quick detailer is a liquid, often found in spray form, that removes any excess dirt from your car and provides protection for your vehicle against elements it encounters on the road or parked in the open.

While washing your car in a traditional manner using a good quality car shampoo will remove heavy road grime and dirt bonded to the surface. 

Quick detailers focus on the water marks that remain on the vehicle after washing. They can also be used to spruce up the paint in between washes and are ideal for removing light dust dirt and fresh bird poo.

Quick detailer can be used on the body, plastics, and the wheels of your car. When looking for a high-quality product we recommend using Gtechniq’s Quick Detailer.

Added protection

Not only does it clean more effectively than just washing, providing a beautiful and glossy finish, but it offers a layer of protection for your car when it faces future exposure to the dirt found everywhere in the atmosphere.

Without harming the paintwork on your vehicle, quick detailers lubricate the car’s layers so that any future washing is made easier and more effective while reducing the likelihood that an unwanted mark or scratch will remain.

Quick detailing complements washing, it doesn’t negate it

Remember that you will still need to wash your car before using a quick detailer. The general rule Gtechniq use is that if the car looks like it needs a wash, then wash it. Don’t attempt to detail a heavily soiled vehicle.

While some people might decide to use a quick detailer on their vehicle that has been sitting in the garage for a while, Gtechniq recommend washing as the safest option. Alternatively you can wash the vehicle before you tuck it into the garage, that way all you have to do before you pull it out next time is to give it a quick detail.

Other benefits to quick detailers 

As well as cleaning the surface Gtechniq detailer makes the paint glossier and leaves behind some dirt repellent property, making ongoing maintenance a breeze.

Rest assured that streaks are highly unlikely when applying a product like Gtechniq’s Quick Detailer, thanks to it being created using a scientific formula.

Quick detailing is worth the time it takes to apply it if you want your car looking in fantastic condition with increased protection.