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Imagined Challenge

My interior… Well it’s embarrassing. How do I get it back to factory fresh and keep it that way?

“Don't worry your secret is safe with us! You will be amazed by the grime that our interior cleaner pulls out. Once all is nice and clean and dry, we have a full range of class leading protection products for all interior surfaces.”

Our top tips...

We would recommend giving the vehicle a good vacuum before starting to use our I2 Tri-Clean. The best way to apply Tri-Clean is with 2 MF1’s. Spray the product to the microfibre and wipe the areas down, then using your dry microfibre gently buff the areas to remove any residues or oils left on the surface.

A little trick we use is having a warm bucket of water, have your damp cloth in the warm water, ring out the cloth so it is damp to the touch and use as above, with this method you are cleaning the microfibre in the water keeping your microfibre nice and clean.

Once you have cleaned the interior you can use our interior protection products, to protect the cleaned surface. You can also or visit our Youtube channel for more information and how to’s….



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