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Imagined Challenge

How to I safely remove bugs, road tar and road paint without damaging my paint and ceramic coating?

“One thing you should not do is use an abrasive bug sponge! Burn that thing with fire! And throw that car wash sponge, drying blade and chamois cloth in behind it. All of our cleaning chemicals and wash accessories are fully compatible with our coatings and will remove seemingly impossible to remove contaminants with ease.”

Our top tips...

When washing the vehicle, we would recommend applying the W8 Bug Remover to the high impact areas, these are areas like your front bumper, front edge of your bonnet, wing mirrors etc. The product should be applied to a dry surface.

We would recommend leaving the product to dwell for 2-3 minuites and rinse these areas prior to any snowfoams or pre cleaners.

As for the stubborn tar spots on the sides of your vehicle, we would recommend applying Tar & Glue Remover to the affected areas. This product should be applied directly to a microfibre and then wiped over the painted surface. For stubborn tar or glue marks apply a small amount of Tar & Glue Remover to a cotton AP1 applicator pad and place over the affected area, allowing to dwell for 2 minutes.

Once you have removed the tar or glue residue we recommend neutralising the area buy washing or detailing it.

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