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Gtechniq is pleased to announce the launch of the Hexagon Coating Holder, Wall Mounted Coating Holder and Wall Mounted Bottle Holder. These fresh new accessories have been designed in conjunction with an industry leader in this field. Each holder comes finished in a matt red powder coat finish and has a laser-cut detailed hexagon pattern and Gtechniq logo.

We all know someone who has at some point been coating a vehicle and has knocked over a bottle of coating. With the Gtechniq hexagon coating holder, you can now safely and securely hold 3 different sizes of coating bottles – 15ml, 30ml and 50ml. This means that you no longer need to worry about spillages and clean-ups, making the entire coating process easier. Each hexagon coating holder measures 150mm across and comes with self-adhesive gel feet ensuring that the surface does not get scratched. These holders are perfect for those users who use trolleys

For those looking for a more permanent fixture, Gtechniq has brought in the Wall Mounted Coating Holder. This holder has the same design elements as the coating holder but can hold up to 7 coating bottles – 2 x 15ml, 3 x 30ml and 2 x 50ml bottles (excludes mounting screws)

Now whilst it is important to keep your coating bottles safe, we should not forget about the Gtechniq maintenance line. The Wall Mounted Bottle Holder has been designed to keep up to 6 bottles of your favourite Gtechniq maintenance product stored safely and securely. As the bottles sit neatly on their bases this means there is no need to hook the products by their spray heads, reducing the chance of damaging them. The wall-mounted bottle holder measures 495mm wide and stands 180mm high, wall fixings are not included.