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Regularly washing your vehicle is the best way to keep it in great shape. But in order to achieve the best possible shine, it’s important to invest in the best car shampoo to get the job done. Here, we explain why car shampoo is a game changer and how it helps you achieve a stunning finish for your car – something that standard soap and water can’t compete with. 

Begin with a rinse  

The first step to washing your car efficiently is rinsing it with the hose. Don’t apply too much pressure at this stage, as the objective is merely to rinse the vehicle to prepare it for the next phase. Applying too much pressure – particularly with a power washer – can damage your car’s paintwork, so it’s important to rinse your car gently at this stage. 

Prepare the car shampoo 

Our GWash car shampoo is one of the leading car-washing products on the market. Begin by shaking the GWash well before use. Add between 2-4 caps (20-40ml), depending on how dirty your car is, and add 20 litres of water to the basin or bucket. While you can use cold water, you will achieve much better results if you add warm water to the shampoo. Once you have prepared the car shampoo, it’s time to get to work on your vehicle. 

Systematically clean your car 

It’s important to begin with the highest surfaces first before working your way down your vehicle. So, begin with the roof and work downwards, cleaning the windows and the various surfaces with the GWash shampoo. Our Microfibre Wash Mitt is the perfect accompaniment to our GWash shampoo and helps you clean the surfaces of your vehicle with minimal effort and fuss. Once you’ve cleaned all of your car’s surfaces, rinse thoroughly with cold water to remove all surfactants. 

What’s different about our GWash shampoo? 

At Gtechniq, all of our car cleaning and maintenance products are at the cutting edge of smart surface science. Our GWash shampoo is 100% biodegradable and is formulated to work perfectly on a range of surfaces. It produces an extremely high foam content, which systematically breaks the bond between the dirt film that has formed on your car’s paintwork. As a result, GWash lubricates dirt particles, minimises surface abrasion, and maximises gloss retention for the perfect wash. You can use our GWash shampoo in conjunction with all other Gtechniq products for the ultimate in car protection. 

Recap: Why car shampoo is a game changer 

Understanding how to use car shampoo correctly – and choosing the best product – will help you achieve a stunning finish for your vehicle. Our GWash is one of the leading car shampoos on the market and has been developed to deliver excellent results. If you’re serious about cleaning and maintaining your vehicle, it’s imperative to choose the right products and accessories to keep your car clean and in good shape. 

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