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The weather in the UK is getting warmer and summer is fast approaching. Late spring and summer months are considered the worst for airborn contaminants such as dust and pollen, which can often be tough on your cars look – tarnishing that high-gloss, slick finish.

Undoubtedly Gtechniq ceramic coated cars are easier to maintain during this time. But when the sun is beaming, and pollutants are out in force, there are certainly a few things you need to remember.

Gtechniq Works, detailing centre manager, Adam Eaton, gives his top tips for preventing surface contamination and keeping your car as clean as possible:

1. If you are going on holiday this summer and your car is sitting in an airport carpark, you may want to consider using an undercover one. Airports are often vast open spaces which offer no protection from the elements, not to mention fuel particles and fumes that are present in the atmosphere.

2. If you commute to work and park your car at the local train station – just be warned, train brake dust can linger in the air and have a detrimental effect on your cars paintwork, if not removed correctly. To prevent this it might be an option to walk to the station or find an undercover carpark nearby.

3. Do not park your car under, or near, trees – where possible avoid this like the plague. Birds love to sit in the trees and release their bowels, tree sap and pollen from trees can also be a nasty concoction if not removed from your cars surface.

4. If you are watering your garden in the hotter months – make sure your car doesn’t get splashed by the sprinkler system – in warm weather hard water left on a surface can cause water spots.

We have a range of maintenance products for your car from W9 Water Spot Remover, to our W5 Citrus All Purpose Cleaner, that will help combat all of the above issues.