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Gtechniq welcomed their first ever customer back through the threshold at the brands HQ in Towcester, today (Wednesday 3 June 2014).

Cliff Heather brought his first batch of Gtechniq products, which included P1 Nano Composite Polish, C1 Liquid Crystal and G3 Glass Coat, nine years ago when Gtechniq was based in Kings Langley.

Cliff, who was a detailer at P1 Supercar Club at the time, said: “Family led me away from detailing a few years back, and now I am rekindling my passion – with detailing and Gtechniq.

“I first heard of Gtechniq when Rob approached me at P1 in 2006 and he coated an Aston Martin bonnet in C1. I was dubious at first but after a few months of amazing performance, I was converted.

“Funnily enough it’s because of another car I coated those nine years ago that I am back. It was a weekly washed Bentley that was in perfect condition, until it had a small accident recently. The bodyshop decided to repolish the car and within six months, because it wasn’t coated with Gtechniq, it looked awful as a result of wash swirl marks.

On entry to Gtechniq HQ Cliff came laden with original Gtechniq bottles – a stark reminder of how fast the brand has developed and grown in almost a decade.

Rob Earle, managing director, said: “It is always great to see those who have helped us on the road to success. Cliff has supported the brand from day one and his involvement with the P1 Supercar Club, gave Gtechniq access to some influential people in the world of motoring. Great to see that he’s picking up where he left off.”