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My paint has stopped beading. How do I get the beading back to how it was when I had my car coated?

“A lot of people will assume because the paint isn't beading this means there is no protection on the car. The best way to check is while washing the car. If the paint still feels slick to the touch or under the wash mitt, then this is a good indication that the coating is still on the car.”

Our top tips...

We would reccomend carrying out a full decontamination wash using W1 Gwash, W4 Citrus Foam, W5 Citus All Purpose Cleaner, W6 Iron and Fallout remover,  (As seen in our wash guide). You watch the full Decontamination Wash video here



We would be looking to make sure the paint is as contaminant free and we would then be feeling the paint work with the wash mitt, If the paint work still feels super slick to the touch this means the coating is still on the vehicle.

If the car feels slightly grabby then this means the coating has begun to degrade. To restore the beading to the vehicle you can use Ceramic Gwash or use C2 Ceramic Sealant as a drying aid.

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