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A dazzling exterior of your car could look beautiful if you’ve given it the care and attention it deserves. Don’t forget the interior though! Ultimately, you’re the one driving the car so you want the inside of the vehicle to be just as spotless – this includes the car seats.

Let’s look at how to clean the seats in a car in the best manner, no matter what the material is, so you can have a pristine-looking interior in no time.

Have the right products to hand

Firstly, you must identify the material of your car’s seats before you commence cleaning. If you start cleaning leather, for example, with the wrong product, this could have a damaging effect on its appearance.

Avoid any home concoctions you might’ve heard about for your car seats – it’s never a good idea to use household washing-up liquid or lemon juice, for instance, to get dirt out of your car’s interior. Instead, always purchase high-quality cleaning products designed specifically for car seats so they will cleaned effectively without damaging the surface.

Thankfully, Gtechniq has a range of products available to you that deliver premium cleaning with the knowledge that they will clean the surface effectively and not damage it. Alongside these cleaning formulas, you should always use microfibre cloths and towels to avoid course brushes that might damage the surface.

Cleaning your car’s seats

Now that you’ve purchased your products, you can begin with the job. The first step is to vacuum any loose dirt on the seats, which should be a relatively simple task if the debris isn’t stubbornly stuck to the seats.

Assuming all the most obvious remnants of dirt are gone, you can apply Tri-Clean to the seats. The bottle it comes in will instruct you on how long to apply the product to seats so that it can work its way into the fabric.

If there are visible stains on your fabric, lightly scrub the area with a soft-bristled brush to remove them. Once you have cleaned the area that has had product applied to it, grab your microfibre cloth and remove the moisture that is present on the surface. There’s no need to be too aggressive doing this; gentle, circular motions will do the job. 

Once clean Gtechniq recommends applying Gtechniq Smart Fabric to fabric material or Matt Dash to the dash to protect the surface from dye transfer, spillages and UV.

Now your interior should look vastly improved and smelling fresh. If you still notice some spots on the surfaces that are bothering you, simply reapply the cleaner and follow the same process once again.

For all there is to know on car maintenance and achieving great quality care for your vehicle, explore the Gtechniq website today.