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We know how much you love your vehicle, and you want to take the best care possible of your car to maintain that showroom shine. 

When it comes to the paint on the surface of your car, you must protect it against the elements, but how is this done? Here we will look at the best ways to protect your car’s paint to ensure it stays protected and looking pristine.

Why is protecting paint a good idea?

Every time we take our car out of the garage and onto the open road, it faces all sorts of natural elements: dust, road grime, rain, salt etc. You never know what’s going to happen as you begin driving.

So how do we protect our car’s paint? The easiest and most effective ways to do this are through a sealant or a ceramic coating.

Consider the ceramic coatings on offer from Gtechniq as a wrap, shielding your vehicle from the superficial damage it is likely to encounter when moving or stationary.

Every time your car gets washed, for instance, there is a risk that swirl marks or marring could occur due to poor cleaning techniques. This is far less likely to happen when a ceramic coating is applied to the car, thus protecting the overall state of your car’s paint. Gtechniq offer an array of coatings which can be applied on the driveway or by professional installers.

We recommend disposing of any sponges and bodywork brushes and advise the use of a soft, plush wash mitt.The fibres of the wash mitt have been specifically designed to be soft so that you don’t damaged your paintwork.

Sealants for at-home application

The ceramic coatings on offer at Gtechniq work similarly to the coatings. Viewed as a more temporary option than ceramic coatings, you can get up to 6 months of protection for your vehicle’s paint when you apply a sealant.

Sealants are relatively easy to apply yourself from home, which is why many people opt to go down this route. Our products are of the highest quality around and will provide your car with the protection it deserves.

Bear in mind that these products are unlikely to prevent severe damage from happening, such as if a very large stone were to hit your paintwork. However, for the everyday nature of driving through a town or city, you can rest assured that you’ve got this protective layer.

To find out more on car maintenance, get in touch with the team at Gtechniq today.