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Ceramic GWash

The Fastest, Easiest and Most Affordable way to achieve true Ceramic Protection, Ceramic GWash shampoo is the first completely NEW product to be introduced into Gtechniq’s recently facelifted consumer range.


Ceramic GWash is a super-concentrated ‘all-in-one’ solution which has been designed to give anyone familiar with shampooing their own vehicle a quick and easy way to simultaneously apply a ceramic coating.

In addition to a deeper, glossier shine, Ceramic GWash delivers a durable level of hydrophobic protection shown in lab and field tests to last around 3 months. This means that customers using this product will get a durable, hydrophobic finish every time.


The new Ceramic GWash is a super-slick formulation designed to simply glide onto your vehicle, and is safe to use on gloss, matt and satin finishes. Additionally, it has been fully optimised for use on both coated and uncoated vehicle paintwork, meaning it can be used as an effective ‘top-up’ solution – or as a standalone product.


In line with Gtechniq’s #pureperformance development philosophy, Ceramic GWash has been lab-developed to deliver a totally pure experience for the driver. This means that a focus on superior performance – backed by science and technology – dictates its formulation.

A common misconception is that more suds equals more cleaning power, when actually this is not the case. Foaming is a result of surfactants (cleaners) reducing the surface tension of water – it does not actually make shampoos any more effective. It is the ceramic components within the formulation that alters the surface tension of the wash solution, which in turns stops foaming – but importantly does not reduce cleaning power.


Ceramic Gwash is designed to be hydrophobic and will begin to aggressively repel fluid from the moment it makes contact with the surface. Whilst water repellency is highly desirable after shampooing, loss of lubricity could be a major issue during the process – often leading to unsightly (and damaging) marring and blemishing. Ceramic GWash on the other hand delivers just the right levels of lubricity to prevent these issues.


Lab tests conducted by Gtechniq’s Senior Formulation Chemist show Ceramic GWash outperforming the leading competitor product in three key areas – Water Contact Angle (WCA), Oil Contact Angle (OCA), and Surface Free Energy (SFE).

Results Summary

Water Contact Angle Test
Probably the most important metric for a Ceramic Shampoo, WCA tests for water bead tightness (tighter being more hydrophobic). It is widely accepted within the industry that any water contact angle of 90 degrees or above is considered hydrophobic.

Surface Free Energy Test
Describing the “non-stick” properties of a surface, Surface Free Energy is calculated from water and oil contact angles and is measured in millinewtons per meter. (mNm-1)The lower the Surface Free Energy the harder it is for anything to stick to it.

To put Ceramic GWash’ performance here in perspective, consider that a completely ‘dead’ uncoated car panel (which does not bead water at all) would return an SFE of around 40 mNm-1. At the other end of the spectrum, a freshly coated non-stick frying pan would have an SFE of around 16 mNm-1.

Within this spectrum, Ceramic GWash returned an SFE result of 20 mNm-1, with the competitor product achieving 34 mNm-1. This result classifies Ceramic GWash as ambiphobic, meaning it repels both water and oil.

These lab tests prove that not only will Ceramic GWash give your car fantastic water beading,
but it will also stop the build-up of dirt and grime – keeping your car cleaner for longer.

Check out the lab video
Dom Berry speaks to Gtechniq’s Senior Formulation Chemist, Lee Kennedy about Ceramic Gwash. You can view the full video here.

The facelifted range launches under Gtechniq’s new #pureperformance concept; which describes both the essence of the new range and the ‘purist’ driver it has been created for. View and purchase the NEW Ceramic GWash here and experience the difference for yourself.