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Cleaning the interior of your car can be a monotonous and thankless task at the best of times. Below we lay out a thorough guide to cleaning your interior and what can help it become a more pain-free experience.

I2 Tri-Clean

Starting with the I2 Tri-Clean is a gret place to start when looking for an all in one product to clean the interior of your vehicles. This product can be used on all interior surfaces of your vehicle, not only does it kill 99.9% of bacteria, it also helps neutralize nastier odours that can linger in your vehicle to help ensure that once you have finished cleaning your interior remains fresher and bacteria free for longer.


Dashboard and Consoles

I2 Tri-Clean is idea to quickly and easily remove dust and dirt from dashboards and centre consoles. The centre consoles in particular see a lot of usage whether that be from turning an dadjusting the in car temperature or using the sat nav. Application of the I2 Tri-Clean to these parts of the interior works wil make short work of dirt, dust and fingerprints leaving the surface like new. A useful tip would be to use a detailing brush to help manage those hard to reach parts such as vents and more intricate parts of the dashboard. 


Frequent interior cleaning is easy interior cleaning

The best way to carry out a thorough clean of the interior of your car is by finding the right products for you to speed up the process without cutting any corners, so you can still achieve a perfectly clean interior to help improve your driving experience. 

If you would like to find more products that can provide you with more assistance in your interior cleaning, then visit the Gtechniq auto shop today.