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Preparing your car for the winter is of the utmost importance as far as your safety and comfort are concerned. It’s also crucial to protect your car from the bad weather that is so prevalent at this time of the year, as it’s much more likely to cause damage to your vehicle if you don’t proactively try to protect your car before winter sets in. So, with that in mind, here are some tips and products that will help you protect your car from bad weather this year. 

Conduct some basic checks 

Your first job when protecting your car from the elements is checking its vitals. Begin by checking that your car battery is in good shape, and you can even use a home battery tester to find out if your battery works or if you need to order a replacement. Next, check that your car is stocked up with antifreeze and screen wash – both essentials at this time of the year. Finally, check that your exterior lights are working properly and there are no damaged bulbs before checking the tread on your tyres is okay. With the basics complete, it’s time to look at other ways of protecting your car at this time of the year. 

Invest in a ClearVision Screen Kit 

You will know from experience that driving during the winter months can cause visibility issues, and screen issues are a constant source of frustration. That’s why we’ve pioneered our ClearVision Screen Kit as the perfect solution for your car’s windscreen during the winter months. When combined with our Nanotech Glass Polish, our G1 ClearVision Smart Glass removes residue and smears, providing outstanding protection for your windows. You no longer need to worry about your windows smearing, and you can drive safe in the knowledge that your visibility won’t be impaired. 

Consider a Ceramic Coating 

The best possible protection you can offer your car’s paintwork is an application of Ceramic Coating. At Gtechniq, we are at the forefront of smart surface science, and our ceramic coatings provide outstanding dirt repellency and durability, protecting your car’s paintwork from the elements. Once applied, a ceramic coating forms a chemical bond, which protects your paintwork from various environmental factors, making it much easier to clean and maintain your car during the winter months. Our Crystal Serum Light is one of the leading coatings on the market and offers excellent protection for your vehicle at this time of the year. 

Recap: Preparing your car for winter 

Being proactive and taking action to prepare your car for winter is half of the battle and ensures that you won’t get caught short before undertaking a journey at this time of the year. Whether you conduct your vehicle checks yourself or ask a mechanic to do it on your behalf, it’s vital to ensure that your car is in good condition and stocked up with the likes of antifreeze and screen washer before setting off. 

You can take your winter car protection to the next level by investing in a range of Gtechniq products, which provide outstanding protection against even the harshest winter weather. Discover our auto products today and find the best solution to keep your car in great shape throughout winter.