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The history of detailing stems back as early as 1800 when the first wax was developed using animal fats in Germany and used to protect the lacquer-like paints that were applied to horse drawn carriages.

Since then, as transportation has changed and technology developed, detailing products have improved and wax has now been replaced with nanocoatings which chemically bond to the surface of the car to give protection from the elements.

Detailing itself has become an art form and a career for many people who have managed to build extremely successful businesses across the globe bringing cars back to life.

Gtechniq has a large network of Accredited Detailers internationally – these guys detail to the highest standards and are trained to use the Gtechniq product line for the best results. But why did they get into detailing cars in the first place?

“According to my parents I was car nuts from a very young age. Even as a child everything had to be the shiniest it possibly could be, and I was constantly cleaning. My family were all involved in the motor industry, dad owned his own vehicle repair business and my mum worked for a motor parts company – I was surrounded.

“I was working full-time at automotive technologies specialist DELPHI and also started working evenings and weekends in dad’s repair shop. However, I eventually found I had so much repair work that it was now another full-time time job. My father later sold his business but allowed me to take over the premises and have a go myself. We had a constant flow of customers asking for paint quotes and detailing related fixes – I noticed a gap in our service and so this is where my passion for detailing became serious. Nine years on and we are now turning around 220 plus cars a year employing 6 staff and counting, and I have trained over 400 people on how to detail.”

Kelly Harris, KDS KELTEC, Kent, United Kingdom

“Since I was 12 years old I had a passion for cleaning my family’s cars – not just for pocket money, but for the sheer enjoyment of it. But when I hit 17/18 it became more of a big thing. I don’t know what it is, I can’t describe it, it’s taking a dirty, scratched, tired looking vehicle and making it look better than new – great satisfaction.”

Adam Eaton, Gtechniq Detailing Centre Manager

“I was racing pre owned Renault Clio Sport in amateur racing league. I thought Renault hot hatch was one of the coolest… till I saw myself in press report from first race. My model didn’t look that cool as brand new. Previous owner didn’t maintain it well. The paint was faded and had many micro-scratches. The rims looked like they never seen a car shampoo.

“I spend hours polishing the paint to mirror finish look, reassembled the wheels, cleaned interior, polished windscreen to crystal look. On the next race my car had biggest photo coverage from the race. After that other participating drivers asked me to do the same “magic” with their cars – I haven’t stopped detailing since.”

Michal Zaborowski, Rudy’s Detailing and CEO Gtechniq Poland

“My passion for vehicles was fueled by my father who coincidentally had OCD for cleaning just as bad as I do. I had a natural knack for being cleanly and carried that into my own vehicles as a teen. Most of my friends would ask me to clean their cars or how I always kept my home/room or cars so clean all the time. That and a combination of my love for shiny paint and my willingness to learn landed me a position pushing a broom around a body shop.

“From there I worked my way around to the cars, started doing light detail work and it became noticed by others – it ended up being side work for me outside the body shop. So for me it was a calling to be a Detailer seeing as I have OCD about being clean and neat, as well as my love for all things perfect!”

Shawn Sepulveda, A Perfect Experience Auto Detailing, Santa Rosa, California, USA

“I have always had a passion for cars and cleanliness. I started playing around on my own cars, friend’s cars, family members’ cars and friends’ family members’ cars. I was a bit of a weekend warrior working out of the back of my car, but as time progressed I built a firm customer base and White Details is what it is now. Why detailing? It’s the turnaround, the rejuvenation and the customer satisfaction.”

Jim White, White Details, Lincoln, United Kingdom