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Why should I ceramic coat my boat instead of waxing?

“The protection and durability of a ceramic coating is exponentially greater than waxes. Ceramic coatings create a surface that is easier to keep clean and ensures the shine and gloss of the vessel's surfaces remain intact for years versus weeks.”

Our top tips...

Whilst ceramic coatings can be applied by a skilled DIY’er, the recommendation is to consult with a Gtechniq Marine Certified Installer to fulfill the tasks.

The key to a successful, and long-lasting, ceramic coating installation involves the use of polishing machines with the appropriate pads and compounds to remove all surface contaminants and defects prior to the application of the Ceramic Base and Ceramic Top coatings.

Installation by a Certified Installer also provides for the Gtechniq Marine Guarantee to be put in place, where applicable. Once the coating is installed, maintaining it is a task that any boat owner, crew, or detailing outfit can handle with the greatest of ease.

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