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Imagined Challenge

I have mould and mildew on some of my interior upholstery. How do I clean these and prevent the return of the mould and mildew?

“Mould and mildew are unwelcome visitors to the world of boating, but not unexpected due to the wet environment boats are in. Proper treatment can help make these issues a thing of the past.”

Our top tips...

Mould and mildew are organisms that grow and thrive in moisture-rich environments, so it’s no surprise boats are hotbeds of activity for these. At a minimum, a clean environment is required to help prevent these organisms from taking root.

Regular washing with UV Wash is a great first step. Cleaning with Gtechniq Marine Interior Cleaner is also recommended to allow the anti-bacterial and anti-microbial ingredients in the product to attack and kill the organisms and prevent their regrowth.

Finally, applying Fabric Coat, along with its inherent anti-bacterial additives, will allow the interior surfaces to be dried easier and provide a barrier that prevents mould and mildew from attaching to the surface.

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