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Imagined Challenge

Ugh! I have ugly black streaks and rust stains on my boat’s surfaces that make my boat the ugliest one on the dock. Help! What do I do?

“You need to look just as sharp as your ride.”

Our top tips...

Black streaks and rust stains are the result of bits and bobs on the boat reacting to attacks by sun, age, and water. Black streaks can appear from rubber pieces that are degrading and leaching onto the surface. Exhaust soot is also a major cause of black streaks. Rust stains occur when dissimilar metals come together in areas like rub rail fittings, tow eye points, etc. and they react to each other and the water.

The first plan of attack is to spray Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner on the surfaces and let it dwell. Agitate it in and then rinse to reveal shiny surfaces.

The Rust Stain Remover protocol is the same spray on, dwell, agitate, and rinse as APC. When you see Rust Stain Remover turn purple, you know it’s working its heart out for you. Rinse thoroughly.

Wash with UV Wash to neutralise, dry, sit back, and enjoy your handiwork as your Sparkling Swan proudly preens for your neighbours.

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