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Car interior cleaning is a job that you need to undertake regularly to ensure that your vehicle remains in great condition. After all, there’s nothing worse than getting in and out of a dirty car that is cluttered with rubbish and debris. So, with that in mind, here are ten top tips for car interior cleaning that you can use to elevate the interior of your vehicle. 

Start with the trash and debris 

Be it an empty Starbucks cup or an empty Big Mac box from your recent long journey down the motorway; your first job is to remove all the rubbish and debris from your car. Make sure you check down the sides of the seats and under the floor mats to get everything out before you proceed with cleaning. 

Thoroughly clean the floor mats 

Particularly in the wintertime, floor mats are perhaps the dirtiest item in a car. They can often smell pretty bad, too, if you leave them too long without cleaning them. Remove each of the mats and begin by wiping any mud from the surface. You can then vacuum each of the mats until they’re dirt free. Be sure to clean under the mats, too. Gtechniq recommend using Tri-Clean and microfibre to get your mats clean and to remove any unwanted odours.

Make the glass sparkle 

With some glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth, remove all fingerprints and blemishes from the windows and mirrors. Sparkling windows are a sure sign that your car is super clean! 

Get to work on the centre console 

Although every car is slightly different, the centre console is usually a place in which dirt and debris accumulate, particularly if you have cup holders. Grab a microfibre and some Tri-Clean and get to work on cleaning the centre console, ensuring that you mop up any spillages that have recently occurred on your travels. 

Clean the dashboard 

So many people drive around with a dusty dashboard, but it’s extremely easy to clean. Use a microfibre to remove as much dust as possible. Next grab some cotton swabs to get into the smaller spaces around the vents and knobs for a perfect deep clean of the dash. Round things off by wiping the dash clean with Tri- CLean and a zero-scratch microfibre drying towel. Once clean apply Matt Dash to protect your dash from UV rays. Matt Dash also makes ongoing cleaning much easier and quicker.

Disinfect the steering wheel 

The steering wheel is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, as is the gear stick. With your microfibre cloth and Tri-Clean thoroughly disinfect the steering wheel and gear stick, ensuring that it’s pristine the next time you get behind the wheel. It’s important to do this regularly, as the build-up of germs in a vehicle is bad for your health. Top Tip – If your steering wheel is starting to look a little on the shiny side, this is because of dirt building up on the surface. To restore the it back to its factory finish simply apply some Tri-Clean to a microfibre and give it a good wipe over.

Work on the seats 

Whether fabric or leather, you need to remove any debris and dirt from the seats first. Once the loose dirt has been removed protect each surface by using either the leather guard for leather or our smart fabric for fabric seats.

Wipe clean the door panels 

When getting in and out of the car, it’s easy to catch the door panels with your feet, resulting in the accumulation of dirt, particularly in the winter. So, dampen your microfibre cloth and wipe down the door panels, applying sufficient elbow grease wherever necessary!

Tackle tough odours 

If you’ve got any stains or marks in your car causing an odour, you need to get rid of them rather than mask them or they will keep producing a bad smell. Applying Tri-Clean to the area will both clean the area as well as neutralise the odour – which will permanently remove the odour. Tri-Clean contains antibacterial additives to ensure the odours are permanently banished.

Clean regularly! 

At the very least, you should clean the interior of your car once a month. However, if you use your vehicle every day, it makes sense to clean it more often than this to keep it in great shape. The more you clean its interior, the better your car will be maintained – it’s as simple as that. 

At Gtechniq, we offer a range of innovative cleaning products that make your life so much easier when it comes to car interior cleaning. Browse our cutting-edge products today to discover the best way to keep the inside of your car clean.