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Who’s looking forward to taking their bike out on the road or off-track? As we move out of the colder months, thousands will be getting their bikes out of storage and looking to take them for a ride. Firstly, you might need to check the status of your bike before riding.


Or maybe you’ve been cycling continuously, regardless of the weather, in which case you’ll want to consider some simple maintenance techniques to keep your bike in top condition.


This article explains how to care for your bike with the Drivetrain Degreaser and what the advantages of doing this are.


What is Drivetrain Degreaser?



Drivetrain Degreaser is a specially formulated cleaner that is sprayed on to your bike’s chain, cassette and derailleur to break down grease, oil and grime keeping the drivetrain clean so that all the components can operate smoothly.


Over time, your bike’s drivetrain will build up grease and oil, causing restriction in how freely the components move and potentially speed up drivetrain degradation. Gtechniq’s Drivetrain Degreaser resolves this issue.


It’s a water-based product that has been carefully developed to an exact pH level that won’t harm your bike’s drivetrain and clean the components effectively. This product is also safe to use on anodised chains.


So how do I apply it?


Simply spray the Drivetrain Degreaser directly onto the drivetrain of your bike, spinning the chains with the pedals so that all the drivetrain and every component gets degreased.


You should agitate the chains with a medium bristled brush to break down the grease and oil. As you clean you will see the grease and oil dripping off the drivetrain almost immediately.


Finally, rinse the drivetrain once cleaned and re-apply your chosen chain lube. Now your bike should be clean and in good condition to use once again.


Thankfully, Gtechniq has provided a useful video demonstrating exactly how to use the product for those who are unfamiliar with the process.


What are the advantages of the Drivetrain Degreaser?


The cleaner works within seconds of application, so there’s no waiting around. The formula also can be used with chain cleaning tools. In addition to it being a great cleaner is it also biodegradable, so does not harm the environment.