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As someone more interested in taking better cosmetic care of your car, this guide will help walk you through the products you will need to clean your car and how best to use them.


Start with the basics


The best and safest place to start is with an all-purpose cleaner. This particular product does exactly what you imagine and is a straightforward place to start when using cleaning products. The W5 Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner can be used for a number of different reasons. It’s ideal use is for getting rid of general dirt and grime, as it acts on it quickly and easily removes and remnants of it from any part of your car. Another benefit of the all-purpose cleaner is that it is designed to be as effective on dirt as possible without damaging your car, therefore you can afford to be a little more haphazard when using it. 



It’s all in the detail


The next step in your car detailing journey is to start to look at the quick detailers, as these can give you a step in the right direction in terms of achieving a polished look to your car with limited effort. The use of a quick detailer is that they can add the finishing touches to the car to help give it a polished look after a wash. With Gtechiq’s Quick Detailer, you are able to achieve a fantastic and professional looking finish to your car. This is another ideal product to use when starting out with your own car detailing as not only does it give you a professional look, it also offers durability as well as an easy application for you to get a head start on detailing your own car.



We’ve got you covered.


With Gtechniq and the range of products available on the site, getting a hang of which products are the right ones for your car cleaning and detailing needs is an important first step to take. Being able to differentiate between a quick detailer and an all-purpose cleaner is the first box to tick and from then on, you will be able to figure out what you need for your own personal use. For more information about Gtechniq and our products then visit our Auto collection today.