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Imagined Challenge

My vessel’s surfaces have water spots that make it look ugly and unattractive. How can I remedy this and help my boat shine again?

“Water spots have no place in boating yet they haunt us daily, regardless of freshwater or saltwater environments. With a proactive approach, and the right products, combatting water spots is an easy task anyone can undertake.”

Our top tips...

Water spots are caused by minerals and contaminants in the water that are left behind after water evaporates from the surface. Over time, and especially in sunny environments, these minerals can etch into the surface. Quick, and early, action is required to mitigate or eliminate the issue.

It is imperative to rinse and dry the boat after each use. If water spots are present, the first step to take is to wash the boat with UV Wash. This will remove most water spots as UV Wash has some strong degreasing ingredients. For any remaining water spots, a treatment with Water Spot Remover is the next step.

Occasionally, there are some really stubborn water spots that just love your boat. For these, a quick polish with our Multi-Stage Polish on a medium foam pad will eradicate them. You can use our Glass Polish on your windows for those stubborn water spots on those surfaces. Wash and dry and you are good to go.

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