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Imagined Challenge

Water no longer beads on the surface and the finish looks cloudy or hazy. Why did my coating fail?

“First, do not panic. Odds are, the coating has become "clogged". This occurs due to environmental fallout, construction dust, marina equipment, mineral runoff in waters, and other contaminants that have become embedded in the coating's surface and need to be removed.”

Our top tips...

It is time for what we call a “decontamination wash”. Since a ceramic coating serves as the new surface of your vessel, think of a decontamination wash as an exfoliation treatment for the coating to rejuvenate it.

Don’t stress, though, because the chemicals used in this process are perfectly safe for the Gtechniq Marine ceramic coating and will do no harm to it. By following the instructions on our Water Spot Remover, Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner, and Rust Stain Remover and allowing the products to work as formulated, these easy-to-use products will revitalize your coating and allow it to do its intended job for even longer.

Just remember to dry the surfaces afterward with our luxurious MF2 Drying Towel to put the finishing touch on your coating’s well deserved spa treatment.

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