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Imagined Challenge

What’s the best way to clean my wheels?

“Great looking wheels set off your car. The good news is that cleaning even the filthiest wheels with massive amounts of brake dust is very easy with Gtechniq maintenance products.”

Our top tips...

We recommend cleaning your wheels before cleaning your paintwork by following the 5 step process.


Step 1.

Fill you bucket with 2-4 cap fulls of W1 Gwash.


Step 2.

Spray W6 Iron & Fallour Remover liberally on your alloys and W5 Citrus All Purpose Cleaner to your tyres and arch linings.

Top Tip: If you have carbon ceramic brakes you should clean you alloys with W5 Citrus All Purpose Cleaner only.


Step 3

Allow the products to dwell for 3-5 minutes maximum then rinse.


Step 4

Use the Gwash along with a WM2 Wash Mitt, Gtechniq Wheel Cleaning Brush (from the Detailing Brush set) to agitate surfaces to remove all contaminants and rinse thoroughly.


Step 5

Once you have finished washing your entire vehicle and dried it using a MF4 Drying towel. You can dress your tyres with either T2 Tyre Dressing (satin finish) or T1 Durable Tyre Gel for a longer lasting glossier finish. After applying the tyre dressing we reccomend to lightly buff the surface with a MF1 to remove any excess residue.

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